September 2019

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  • Teacher in Alleged On Stapling Student’s Ear!

    A teacher was alleged stapling a 10-year-old boy’s left ear as a form of punishment for not completing his homework on 28 Sep in a Likas primary school. The ear of the student was reported to have bled as a […] More

  • This Baby-Faced Teacher is 23yo!

    Meet Ian Francis Manga, a teacher in Bulacan, Philippine. Err … What? Teacher ? Most of the people couldn’t believe their eye and so do i . Because this young man named Ian is 23 yo and he is a […] More

  • Combat The Haze! Haagen Dazs Give You a Buy 1 Free 1 Deal

    What better way to combat the haze than with your favourite Haagen Dazs ice cream flavours! From 25-27 September, Haagen Dazs bringing you a Buy double, Get double scoop deal that is sure to brighten up your day. What are you waiting […] More

  • Indonesia Censors SpongeBob SquarePants For Being Too Violent And Sexual

    The Indonesia Broadcasting Commission( KPI) sent a warning letter to a local TV Station after airing SpongeBob SquarePants due to it’s violent and sexual content.  Posted in KPI website, letter from KPI takes issue with: The ‘Rabbids Invasion’ segment where […] More

  • “Legend has Fallen”-The Legendary Kancil Buruk

    Twitter & Facebook netizens spotted this legendary kancil buruk again. Despite of the car condition, rusted, missing back window, side window, broken tail lights and with door barely attached to it’s body.. and yet this little gutsy kancil still moving […] More

  • “Miracle Ugly girl” Magical Transformation

    Make up might not heal wound but help people to live with that and that’s what Maataso,  a 24 years old Japanese Youtuber specialises in. Looking at the before-and-after shots of her subjects , Maataso’s 1.5 million youtube subscribers doesn’t come […] More

  • Building A Dream House With RM10K

    If you are struggling in today’s economy, it may seems like building a dream house is out of the question. But a group of home makeover photos caught the netizens’ attention .our creative Malaysian, Cikgu Farid Saadul Baharim is sharing […] More