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Building A Dream House With RM10K

If you are struggling in today’s economy, it may seems like building a dream house is out of the question. But a group of home makeover photos caught the netizens’ attention .our creative Malaysian, Cikgu Farid Saadul Baharim is sharing his brilliant idea on building his own dream house with his low cost apartment.Although he couldn’t afford a landed property but it doesn’t stop him and his wife from building their own dream house.

Most importantly , They only spend RM 10K for the apartment makeover. To manage the budget , they take care of the minor upgrade by themselves.

Most of the interior finishes in living room, washroom , kitchen and bedrooms are in black and white.

Cikgu Farid also mentioned it’s not necessary to get the furniture from some luxury furniture store , we can also get it in ECO, Ikea and Mr. DIY as long as the quality is good with affordable price and nice design.

They installed the wall panel on their own which cost them Rm250 instead of getting a contractor which will cost them RM 1000.

Cikgu Farid also don’t mind to get some furniture which is more expensive because he wanted to create a cosy home for his family.

After a long day at work , walking in to the dream house is one of the best feelings you can experience.

Last but not least , He also advised us to spend within the budget and no harm to spend more time as long as financially not too stress.

Source: Facebook