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“Interracial And Distance Not a Barrier! ” We Will Overcome It With Tons of Love!

Who said beautiful love stories are only found in novels or movies? They can also be found in real life. A Beautiful couple shared their love story in Facebook and many Facebook users react to their post.

“This is a story about an interracial couple, a long distance relationship and most importantly, tons of love.

Three years ago, I left Hong Kong and went to the University of British Columbia for my semester abroad. At one of the exchange student parties, I met this Taiwanese girl called Claire Chen. She was drunk, and asked me to add her on Facebook. I felt it was weird that she told me to do so within two minutes of meeting her, but then we were on exchange, so I added her anyway. Guess what? She didn’t even remember me the next day, but she still accepted my request. Three years later, we’re still together.

90% of our time has been in long distance: HK-Taipei, Mumbai-Taipei, Pittsburgh-Washington DC, and now Pittsburgh-Taipei. LDR has not been easy, but we have done everything to make sure it works out: trusting each other, never lying, never cheating, and finding different ways to show love to each other. Conquering all the barriers we’ve met, hopefully we’ll be in the same city in the near future.

I visited her in Taipei thrice, and her family absolutely loves me. They all have golden hearts and are very accepting of our interracial love. Wish I could say the same about my family, who have not been supportive of our interracial relationship.

They don’t accept her as a serious, long-term commitment and future wife because of her skin, and tried to make me break up with her (and find a “nice Indian girl” instead). But they don’t defeat us. I still introduced her to them when they visited me in the US and made it clear that I’m fully committed to this girl. We’re not gonna give up under any circumstances.

Through thick and thin, we have been together, and we expect to be happily together for the rest of our lives. I feel so lucky to have found my perfect one.”

▼Most of Facebook users were touched by this post and thought it’s a beautiful love story.

▼ While some shared their experience of their interracial and long distance relationship too.

We wish you both the best journey together and Thank you for giving us a reason for still believing in love.

Credit: Facebook