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“Legend has Fallen”-The Legendary Kancil Buruk

Twitter & Facebook netizens spotted this legendary kancil buruk again. Despite of the car condition, rusted, missing back window, side window, broken tail lights and with door barely attached to it’s body.. and yet this little gutsy kancil still moving and travelling across different state .

It was spotted in Prai (Pulau Pinang),Kampar (Perak) and not long ago in KL . That was like a few hundred kilometers between one another. How amazing! It prove us again how reliable is Perodua.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

But lately the authorities has towed the car away. Some of the Twitter user agreed with it and said the authorities should do that because it’s dangerous to other road user and this little kancil don’t even have a car plate. But there is also twitter user saying that the owner is a law-abiding driver.

Source: Facebook & Twitter

Whatever it is.. we would still like to say kudos to this driver for being able to keep the car running this long. It’s truly a legendary kancil!

Source: Sin Chew DailyFacebook