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Teacher in Alleged On Stapling Student’s Ear!

A teacher was alleged stapling a 10-year-old boy’s left ear as a form of punishment for not completing his homework on 28 Sep in a Likas primary school.

The ear of the student was reported to have bled as a result of the incident, and drops of blood had been discovered on his school uniform.

Source: SNT/Junaidi Ladjana

In 2010, a primary school teacher in Sarawak was reported to have meted out a similar punishment on a boy.

Source: Sin Chew Daily News

The victim’s mother said she learned of the incident from her sister, who picked up the boy from school around 11.30 am on the same date.

Photo :Dr. Misterine Radin (Source: theborneopost )

According to The Borneo Post, Sabah State Education Department director Dr Misterine Radin confirmed the department had received a report that a teacher had injured a student. She disclosed that Education Department will definitely further investigate on this matter and the District Education Office (PPD) will meet up with the headmaster , parents , teacher and the student for a resolution soon.

Dr Misterine also advised teachers to adhere to the rules of disciplining students, that is if punishing students by the rules only the headmaster or delegated teacher can punish students. Especially in terms of caning, the cane is also only used to educate and not to injure the student.

Source: Kwong Wah