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21mo Toddler Was Locked In Shopping Mall Toilet. Helpless Mum Disappointed With Security Guards

A mum sharing her horrifying experience in one of the Shopping Mall in town ,PXXXXXXn. Her post went viral and caught lots of people attention.

This mum went shopping with her 21mo toddler. It’s only the 2 of them. She went to the toilet nearby LXXXXXXr and was thinking to change her diaper in one of the disable toilet.

The disable toilet is with open door and close door button like the picture shown above. After they went in the toilet. They were trying to close the door but after several attempts and failing to do so. She decided to go to another toilet.

Source : Carousell

The moment she step out from the toilet, the door started to close and she don’t have enough time to pull her stroller out. Which means the kid (sitting in her stroller) is locked inside the disable toilet .

She was in a panic and pressed the open the door button many times but it doesn’t work. She quickly ran to the security and told the security guard what had happened and stressed several times that her 21 mo toddler is locked in the disable toilet. but no one seems to care. She couldn’t wait there anymore and quickly ran back to the toilet and hoping the security guard will tailed them and help them.

Source : Healthyhappysleep

Guess what?! no one is coming to help. What’s even more devastating is that she was right outside the toilet as she can hear her toddler screaming. She is trying to calm her down by telling her ” Mummy is here , We will open the door soon!!”

After a few minutes, She saw the cleaning staff came out from the female toilet and immediately she grab her and ask her to help. The cleaning staff finally managed to get 5 security guards to come over to help but guess what again?! They are talking in the walkie-talkie for 10-15 mins asking around “Siapa ada ambil kunci??”

The kid completely breakdown after about 20 minutes locked in the toilet crying and screaming out loud. The security guards didn’t comfort them but to ask her “Boleh you calm down you punya anak????”

While everyone was waiting for the spare key which no one know is it exist, the door suddenly opened.  She immediately pull the stroller out and carried her kid out stroller and almost cried in tears.

She don’t blamed the door or what had happened . But she is disappointed with the attitude of the shopping mall’s staffs , their problem solving skills and lack of the sense of urgency.

Source :BBC

She couldn’t imagine what if disabled or elderly locked in the toilet. She added she is hoping the mall will look into this matter and urge the parents to be extra careful.

It’s really heart-wrenching when you know your toddler are terrified , crying/screaming out loud and you just couldn’t help. I hope this won’t happen to any other parents again.

Source: Facebook