A Mother Accidentally Killed Her 8yo Daughter When She Got Her Homework Answers Wrongly

This incident happened in China, a 8yo little girl was doing her homework while watching cartoon. She wasn’t fully focused. Thus, she made a lot of mistakes.

When her mother checked on her homework and saw those errors, she became impatient and beat her on the back of her head as a punishment. The girl burst out crying in pain.

The mother felt guilty after beating her, so she gave her daughter a packet of pickled chicken feet to coax her, hoping that her daughter would understand how she felt at the time. The girl stopped crying after eating the chicken feet.

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However, not long after that, the girl started experiencing dizziness and started vomiting. Her mother immediately brought her to the hospital, but it’s too late she was declared dead that night.

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The mother cried all night, sorrowing over the death of her daughter and wondering was the chicken feet poisoned her because that’s the food she ate before she died.

But ,doctor revealed the actual cause of her death was due to cerebral contusion – a form of traumatic brain injury where the brain tissue is bruised which caused by an external force.

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Her mother sadly admitted that she had beaten her daughter on the back of her head as a punishment and regretted her actions.

The doctor explained further that the girl’s brain already had a rare cerebrovascular malformation. When the mother hit the girl’s head, the impact had caused the deformed blood vessels in her brain to rupture, which ultimately led to her death.

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The doctor explained that brain is where the central nervous system is and the back part controls the respiratory system. If it is hit with external force, it may cause damage and lead to a series of complications including respiratory failure.

The doctor also advised parents not the hit their children as punishment as it could lead to physical and psychological harm that cannot be reversed.

Source : Oriental Daily