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Cost Saving Wedding Party in MacDonald!

Everyone is so stressed under the current economy situation..No salary increment, no bonus, expenses increased .. Gosh!!! How am i going to give my another half an unforgettable wedding party ??!!!

Ehemm… I think i can help !”

Youtuber- Safiya Nygaard shared her experience organising her wedding party in Macdonald. But unfortunately it’s only available in Hong Kong for now . The couple flying to Hong Kong on September.

They are satisfied with the services because the food, PA system, decoration , games , invitation cards / thank you cards , emcee and even door gifts were all ready. The ALL IN cost was around HKD 2999 ( RM 1600).

You can have 2 hours party between 6-10pm. Hassle free .. You and your another half just dressed up and head to the wedding party. How cool!

▼You can even choose your decoration either the basic one or chinese style .For me, both looks cool!

▼Besides that, there are also gifts for the newly wed couples and gifts for the guests.

▼ Emcee are provided.

▼ Look at their nice invitation cards.

▼ The apple pie wedding cake.

▼ Games for the guests.

▼ The ring exchange for the couple. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

▼ The Kiss .. Muacccssss

▼ Bride throwing bouquet

Will you like this kind of wedding too? And I was wondering can asian parents accept this?

Source : McDonald’s | Youtube