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Former King Slam His Russian Ex-wife For Divorce Demands Of RM41m London Home, RM6.2m Moscow Flat And RM120k-a-month

Our former King and his ex-wife Oksana Voevodina are locked in a bitter divorce after their short marriage which only last for a year.

Former King and his ex-wife Oksana Voevodina

Sources close to the Sultan Kelantan disclosed his Russian beauty queen ex-wife over her ‘ridiculous’ demands in their divorce settlement.

Former King and his ex-wife Oksana Voevodina

The former beauty queen is asking for a £1.2m( RM6.2m) Moscow apartment and a £24,000/month (RM120k) allowance to cover the son born during their marriage and later an £8m ( RM41m) London home, they say, though MailOnline have not been able to establish whether his ex-wife accepts this is correct.

Former King and his ex-wife Oksana Voevodina

The British-educated ex-king asked courtiers: ‘Who does she think I am? Bill Gates?’

A source commented of the couple’s son, Leon: ‘Is he attending Eton next year that she needs to much for an infant?’

Source : Instagram

On the other side, His ex-wife posted on her IG for an interview with Mail Online on 27 September.

“I gave my first interview to clarify our situation with the divorce. I haven’t seen my husband since last December. He is hiding from me and our son and unfortunately he is the one who is making the public scandal. I would like to apologize for his behavior… Hope he will think about his reputation and will stop all this fightings.
Faris, you are a father and you are a Royal- please, think of what you do. ”

Source: Daily Mail