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Her Luggage Was 2kg Overweight She Removed 2.5kg And Wore It All

Source: joyoftravel

Most Airline , especially budget airline do have hardline approach to luggage weight limit. They might stop you from boarding if there is a slight tip over the scales.

But Somehow Gel Rodriguez managed to do it although her luggage was 2kg over the 7kg allowance. Ah-ha! It’s not a magic tricks..

This is How she do it..

She removed 2.5kg worth of clothes from her luggage and wore every single piece. IMPRESSIVE !

She posted the photo on Facebook for all aspiring luggage weight limit dodgers to see, yielding over 17,000 shares. OMG!! Netizen just love the idea and can’t wait to try if they are exceeding their weight limit too. Hey Gel , you are the Smarty pants!

Source:  Philippine StarGel Rodriguez.