Influencer Calls Women ‘Fat’ For Wearing Size M Sparked A Backlash Seeking Forgiveness!!


Malaysian Influencer : Cathryn Lee

Malaysia Influencer Cathryn Lee has sparked a discussion about body image on social media after posting an Instagram story saying that any size above a medium is “FAT”

Netizen were left dumbfounded and lots of them disagreed with her post.

Malaysian Influencer : Cathryn Lee

Following the backlash ,she did reply in the comments section to defend by explaining the current beauty standards of the modelling and fashion industry.

She tried to justify her story by saying it was all a misunderstanding and she only wanted to give some advice to her model friends trying to land a job.

Malaysian Influencer : Cathryn Lee

Obviously Netizen were unhappy. Her credentials were immediately put under scrutiny when people speculated that a recent piano certificate she posted online was forged.

Source: China press

As the fiery criticism going on and on, the influencer decided to take down her Instagram account.

But …Yesterday she re-activated her Instagram account and she felt sorry on her previous post and seeking for forgiveness.

No doubt there is a standard of beauty, but i think most importantly is be happy with who you are !

Source : Instagram