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Mum Checked On Toddlers Because They Were Quiet , Finds Them Eating Cockroach

As a parents you know when your toddler were suspiciously quiet meant they were up with no good.

According to China Press, This mother become suspicious when her 2 toddlers were completely silent after she fed them milk and change their diaper.

she had gone to check on them because they were too quiet but as she saw them munching on a cockroach, she couldn’t help but scream in shock. Yakssss… how disgusting !

Parts of the cockroach’s wings were stuck in their mouths. One of them even declined spitting out the insect’s leg, she had to pry it out with her fingers. She immediately went to rinse their mouth and brush their teeth. The scene of munching cockroach keep haunted her and now she need to think twice before kissing her little girls.

She also claimed she had just cleaned the house couple of days ago and there were no regular sightings of cockroaches.

Netizens were sickened and disturbed as some described it as “crazy”, while some felt like “puking”. There were also those who questioned how the kids managed to get their hands on a cockroach.

Source : Britannica Kids

One even wrote: “Is the white thing the cockroach’s innards?” Well ! I think it’s  better to keep it unsolved.

Source: China Press | Facebook