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Scammer Managed To Transfer RM63k From His Account Without An OTP Code!

Recently , a Malaysian man shared on Facebook to alert everyone to be wary when unknown number called. His post titled ““How can scammers take your money without using an OTP?” ” went viral.

Source: Facebook

At first, he said that he received a calls from 017 8135084 but since he didn’t know the number, he didn’t pick up the calls. The scammer then sent messages through WhatsApp and included a few screenshots of OTP requests that he had made. Apparently, the scammer said that his “wife” had sent the OTP code to the wrong number.

The scammer tried to convince him that he was legit by sending over photos and videos of his IC and account number. At the same time, he received a few SMSes for several OTPs to authorise transfers and device verification. He had a feeling the man was a scammer and ignored his OTP requests.

After about an hour, he suddenly received an SMS saying that a money transfer was successfully made to a bank account on his “Favourites” List. He was shocked .He called customer service immediately and they confirmed there was a transfer amounting Rm63k to his “Favourites” account and his current balance is only RM41.63

He then lodge a police report. They suggested that he should call the person who had received his money and to his surprise, the receiver had fallen victim to the scammer too.

He said, “The scammer will ask for OTP to authorise a new device or an error in making transactions. The scammer will transfer money to an account in the victim’s Favourites list, then threaten the owner of that bank account to transfer the money to another account.”

Source: Lifewire

He advised us not to engage with the scammers. They might be able to duplicate your WhatsApp or clone your mobile number. If you suspect the caller is a scammer just turn off Wi-Fi and disconnect mobile data.

Source: Facebook