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Sulli Said “The Real Me Has A Darker Side”

As an actress, Sulli had been known for leading series such as To The Beautiful You (2012). Recently, she made a cameo appearance in TvN’s fantasy drama “Hotel Del Luna ” to show support for her close friend IU. No one could imagine this will be her last drama.

Sulli & Her close friend IU while shooting “Hotel del Luna”

Sulli was in the news earlier in October over a wardrobe malfunction. She was getting her hair and make-up done in an Instagram Live broadcast and donned a loose robe, which exposed her breasts.

Asked by netizens why she went bra-less, she said: “I don’t get what’s wrong. This is my personal freedom.”

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Recently, while shooting an episode of JTBC’s Reply Night, she said: “I think everyone has different sides to them.

“The real (me) has a darker side, but the celebrity Sulli always has to act like she’s cheerful.

“I asked for a lot of advice from people around me because I wondered if I was lying to people. All people have a darker aspect to them, but they just act like they don’t. We’re living ambiguously.”

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South Korea is known for having some of the highest suicide rates among developed nations and its celebrities are not immune.

Shinee another SM Entertainment artist committed suicide at age 27. Jonghyun had been battling with depression before his death and Actress Jeon Mi-seon died in June this year of a suspected suicide.

The entertainment industry in South Korea, especially K-pop, is notorious for its pressure-cooker environment, where idols train for years before debuting, they are given very limited allowances and with a gruelling performance schedules.

K-pop artists, who often have official social media accounts to promote their work and engage with fans, also frequently face harassment and bullying online. Idols are routinely criticised for their looks and even the clothes they wear.

Source : Straits Times