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The Best Boyfriend of The Year!!!

The Best Boyfriend award goes to?? ( Drumrolls please….)

His room-mate shared a post in tweeter with some pictures and video on how he prepared a bouquet of handmade flowers for his girlfriend graduation day. He wanted to give her something different.

▼ First, he is getting the materials needed in a shop.

▼ He learned how to do it from youtube.

▼ The guy knew his room-mate took pictures of him but he didn’t bother and just continued to handmade those flowers.

▼ When his room-mate is asking” Can i have one of your flower?” . He said ” Tak boleh”

▼ Then his room-mate started to took a video and said ” Girls, Please treasure the present that your boyfriend prepared for you!” His room-mates are quite surprise because he looked shy and couldn’t believe he is so romantic. He said he wanted to handmade something special for his girlfriend instead of buying one. He spend 2 days to complete the handmade bouquet of flowers. He said it’s worthy despite of spending long hours because this is what he wanted to do..

▼ Most of the netizens thought the girlfriend is really lucky and wish someone will do the same for them.

▼  ” If he is single again please pm me !” And a mum wanted him to be the son-in-law.

▼”I would love it more if he handmade those flower with money ” ,” Maybe he can’t afford. This is good enough. ”

▼ ” Hopefully he is not just showing how sweet he is in the beginning of the relationship ”

Whatever it is. We are happy for the both of you! Boys and girls , please be nice to your another half !So now, Who can make some flowers? Anyone????

Source: Twitter