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The Bride Walks Through The Street, Bringing Her Favorite Dog to Witness Her Wedding!

Na Nuen Kosin post these pictures on his Facebook wall and it gone Viral recently !

Source: Facebook

A lot’s of comment, like and share after he post it, it is funny and touching at the same times.

As you seen in the pictures, the bride was leading his favorite dog to cross the road just to witness her wedding !!

Finally, here they are, family photo shoot in the wedding..awh…so sweet….BUT hold on…the dog seem like he is being forced !! The unwillingness to take picture fully express on it face !! Haha..Poor little doggy doggy…

▼ A lot of people started to comment after seeing these

Couple of alert readers pointing out some suspicious part of the photos, some say that the dog and the bride on the street are not the same as in the wedding.

You can notify the color difference of the dog.
Even the bride looks differ in both pictures.

Who care, right? For pet lover, you know your pet just can’t miss out your big day! Anyway, these photos make my day 🙂

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