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Two Teenagers Rape Corpse Of Grandma 84yo After Breaking Into Her Coffin

This is so SICKENING! What happen to this teenagers?? They should be in school having discussion on their assignment or maybe play basketball with their friends.What have they done??

Two teenagers have been arrested after allegedly robbing a grave in Digos City Public Cemetery( Philippines) of an 84yo grandmother named Isabel Bastatas and having sex with her corpse, according to The Sun.

The family found that her tomb had been opened and her legs could be seen poking out of the white coffin.

The relatives believe that Isabel’s body had been raped after she was discovered without undergarments and there were signs of intercourse.

Police officers that investigating the incident have detained the teenagers but the suspects denied the allegations.


This definitely caused immeasurable hurt to¬† Isabel’s family and they said they will pursue legal action against the parents of the suspects.

Source: The Sun