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2019 The Most Impressive Christmas Decorations For Shopping Mall Goes To?? Drumroll Please..

One more month to the joyous season, the wonderful Christmas. When Christmas music blaring over the malls. Another thing you can never missed is to take insta-worthy pics in those malls with their impressive Christmas decorations.

Let’s see which is the mall with the best decorations. Rating goes according to the no. of likes by netizens..

⑦ Gurney Paragon Mall

▼ Gurney Paragon Mall has a majestic golden Christmas tree this year!

▼ If you are lucky enough you can also take picture with the Santa Claus “Lego buddy”!

▼ Another instagrammable spot will be this sparking Merry- Gold Christmas set- up!

▼ This definitely looks like a kaleidoscope! Stunning !

⑥ Suria KLCC 

▼ Suria KLCC is having a theme of Christmas wonders in white. You can experience the heart-warming Christmas Village with countless insta-worthy spots.

▼ Besides the cute little snowman , you can also take picture with the huge golden ferris wheel!

 Berjaya Times Square 

▼ This year , Berjaya Times Square has a classic Christmas tree with lots of Red ornaments .. and all the big and small shinning red ornaments hanging up there! and not forgetting the red carpet .. so RED!!

▼ Besides the Christmas tree, They also have a Christmas hut which is a perfect photo-taking spot and some stalls selling the Christmas related merchandise.

④ Mid Valley 

▼ Mid Valley will bing us down to the Santa’s Toyland!

▼ Colourful Christmas tree and decor, not forgetting the Christmas toys at every spotted corner!

③ Pavillion

▼ When you are entering Pavillion, you definitely can’t get your eyes off from this “YSL branded purple~ish lighting Christmas Tree”!Those lighting make as if you are walking on a red carpet to Grammy awards ?!hehehe ( Daydreaming!!)

▼ Pavillion rolls out with Starwars for Christmas ! Cool!

▼ Look out for the record-breaking Millennium Falcon that stands as the first and biggest ever in Malaysia!

② Sunway Pyramid 

▼ Sunway Pyramid makes you immerse yourself in the seasonal joy with the whimsical European Christmas village decorations.

▼ I can’t take my eyes off from this multiple level giant tower with Nutcracker army guards and they spins slowly while the Christmas song is playing!

▼ We just love this Nutcracker army guards!

 Queenbay Mall

▼ A dazzling white Christmas by Queenbay Mall amazed most of the netizens! It’s really breathtaking ..

▼ Take a picture with these cute little Sea lions and Owls is a MUST!

▼ Not forgetting those cute little penguin with Christmas outfits, winter scarf and Christmas hats!

▼ But unfortunately,  one of the stage prop in mall caught fire during the Christmas event launch.  .

The fire was quickly put out by mall staffs using dry powder fire extinguisher. Luckily no one get hurt and mall operations were not affected. Phew ~~

Chill everyone!~~~ Let’s jingle all the way to Christmas !

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