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20yo Uni-Student Dies After Drank “Beer + Whiskey”, 9 Friends Were Charged Causing Death

A 20 yo University student from Osaka, Japan attended a gathering with 12 other tennis club friends in December 2017. Of course, boys gathering always involve some drinking.

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The second-year student drank gamely, he drank some beer and followed by some whiskey. After down with a few whiskey he passed out but his friends thought he was just drunk and did not do anything to help him.

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Unfortunately, the next day, the student died due to his excessive alcohol consumption and his friends there were accused of being negligent and causing his death. They were charged and the prosecutor said that they watch the victim lose consciousness after drinking and did not call an ambulance.

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The 9 students defence themselves saying that they thought the victim was just drunk and needed a rest, they didn’t realise his life was in danger.

Japanese media said that if the students were convicted, this incident will have a deterrent effect especially on youngsters, so they will not encourage others to drink excessively.

Sometimes in the gathering, drinking is something that you hardly avoid. But, please do not overdo it! Drink within your limit !

Source: Line Today