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A Man Trying To Kill A Cockroach Ended Up Burned 3 Cars

The sight of a disgusting black cockroach skittering across your kitchen worktop, sink or floor is enough to send you running for a broom, shoe or insect repellant. Everyone hates cockroach — and for good reason.

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That is what a man from Fujian, China attempted to do. According to The Beijing News , He saw a cockroach nearby his kitchen door on October 26.

Taking his dislike of cockroach to a new level, He wanted to kill it and set it on fire. Thus, he armed himself with a lighter and an insecticide. Please take note, we don’t recommend this method because the man ended up setting things on fire.

To make things worse, the flame spread quickly to a metal pail which contained alcohol-based fuel. The pail then exploded causing the fire to spread out even more, ended up 3 cars at the roadside were on fire.

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I think the man himself also couldn’t believe an action to kill the cockroach will ended up in such a big damage. You want to make a guess what’s the damage like? It’s USD 44,596 which is roughly RM 185,000 .. Jaw dropping !!!

The man suffered some injuries too. But we are not sure about the cockroach?!  Maybe wandering around telling it’s friend how spectacular was the explosion scene .. hahaha..

Source : The Beijing News | Youtube