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A Supermum Built A Swimming Pool For Her Kids

I think this mum from Terengganu is Super Cool 🙂 She built her kids a swimming pool from SCRATCH! ya .. no joke!

Terengganu Super Mom

This supermum named Hezline Atherra shared a post in Facebook, she spend about RM5,000 for the pool and a gazebo and spend close to a month to built the swimming pool that she dreamt of. She built it with the help of her husband and her sisters.

Credit: Facebook

“I’m not privileged, but this small garden pool is enough to make me happy, as long as I get to see my children play and grow up in front of my eyes.”

“I may be busy, but this is my way of finding happiness for me and my family. I’ve had this dream for years, finally it’s a reality.”

“I have a diploma in Civil Engineering, thus I have the basic knowledge of building the pool,” she told Harian Metro. She had been planning for it for 3 years and always had a rough idea how she wanted the pool to look like.

“It may look easy, but I felt like I was going to lose my ovaries completing this”  Hezline added .

Gosh ! Just by looking at those pictures, all those hard work ..i can feel my back aching .. 

This mum determination amazed us and left everyone in awe. At this point , i really believe woman can do everything!

Source : Facebook | Harian Metro

Photo credit : Facebook