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Andy Lau’s Obsessive Fan , Yang LiJuan Regrets On Her Father’s Death

Yang Lijuan made a headlines 12 years ago when her dad killed himself just to fulfil his daughter’s dream of meeting her idol, Andy Lau.

Credit : Today Online

Her father had also borrowed money, sold his house and even attempted to sell his kidney to raise funds for all her fan expenses. Although she got the chance to take a picture with Andy, But she was disappointed that she didn’t get to chance to speak to him. A day later, her father ended his life and left a 12- pages suicide note, which was a plea for Andy to meet his daughter again.

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In response, Andy didn’t meet her up and criticised her unfilial behaviour.  He also urged her to return to her hometown to live her own life.

Credit : Today Online

LiJuan was on a china talk show on 4 Nov talking about the tragedy and her obsession for Andy. She said: “I really regret my actions in the past. If I could live my life over again, i definitely would not do things in that way.”

Credit : Today Online

She also added that she’s finally aware of her mistakes after everything she’s been through. When asked about her late dad, Lijuan said “he is the best father and i hope he will forgive me.”

Ending off with a warning to anyone who thought about being an obsessed fan not to pursue extreme actions like what she did.

Source : Today online