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Baby Born on Dance Floor When Mum Goes Party With Friends

A newborn baby has been awarded free flights for life when the baby was born prematurely mid-flight. What about baby that was born on the dance floor?? Of course , FREE ADMISSION to the nightclub for LIFE !!

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According to People, a 19yo teen suddenly went into labour at about 5:30am on Monday morning at O’Club, one of the most happening nightclub in France. It was near to the closing time thus there were not much party-goer left.

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She was reportedly lying on the dance floor when a bouncer approached the club’s manager, Marie-Helene, to alert her on the “urgent” situation.

“He said it was urgent, then I saw that she was giving birth,” Marie-Helene said.


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She added that the nightclub staffs called for an ambulance, and paramedics talked the staffs through the birth via phone.

“What is positive is that we did not panic, and we were not afraid,” she said.

The teen soon gave birth to a baby boy, and paramedics arrived shortly after, La Depeche reported.

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The new mum had gone to the club with her friends to take her mind off some “personal problems” and reported that she had not drank any alcohol. She was still in the bar around 5:30 am and soon after that she suffered a stomachache to the extend that she hardly even walk.
Thank god that she gave birth to a healthy baby. The nightclub offered him a Free entry for life. Too bad the boy can only enjoy this privilege when he is 18🍻 

Source : People | La Depeche