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Car Seat Cushion Is Valak The Nun?! So Creepy!!

Halloween is over.. Why someone still spotted Valak The Nun on the road??  Gosh !!

Credit : Forbes

There was a video shared by Shah Ismail in Facebook (Take a deep breathe before you watch it!) this video was shot in a multi-storey car park somewhere in Singapore in broad daylight and Valak The Nun was spotted sitting on the driver seat in a black sedan. Bone chilling!!😱

Shah tried to get closer to check out then only he found out it’s a Valak The Nun CAR SEAT CUSHION.. What the heck?!  Look at the face it’s really hyper-realistic. 

Shah added in the caption asking people who saw Valak The Nun in the car at night not to be afraid because it’s not real. Just remember this video and you will be OK . Act silly and run home quickly! 🏃

I wonder if the owner of this black sedan with Valak The Nun Car Seat Cushion park illegally , 👮boleh kena saman( Will traffic police issued a summon)? or no one dare to summon? ehemm.. where can i get this Valak The Nun Car seat cushion ?

Source : Facebook