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“Cockroach Family” Found In Chinese Man’s Ear

A family of cockroaches was found crawling inside a man’s right ear after he complained of a “sharp pain” in it.  Ewhhhhh..

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The man from China named Lv( 24yo) sought for help at the hospital, after his family found a large cockroach inside his ear. They wanted to find out the reason behind his pain , thus they shine a torch into his ear canal and to their surprise they found a cockroach.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT)specialist, Doctor Zhong recalled: “He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort.

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“I discovered more than 10 baby cockroaches inside. They were already running around.”

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Dr. Zhong then removed the baby cockroaches and mother cockroach from Mr. Lv’s ear with a pair of tweezers. According to the hospital, the newly-hatched insects were of the German cockroach species Blattella germanica.

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Others who attended to the patient told local media that he had attracted the insects due to his habit of leaving unfinished food packets near his bed. ENT Deputy Head , Dr Jiang advised us that household hygiene, such as disinfecting drains and sewers, can help prevent the spread of cockroaches.

Please stay hygiene make sure your house is clean at all times! Say NO to cockroach!

Source: | The Star