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Doctor Was Praised For Saving Life Of An Elderly Man In a Plane By Sucking Urine Out of His Bladder

China Southern Airlines, CZ399 departed from China to New York on 19 Nov at 1.55am. When the flight was about six hours away from the destination, the Chief attendant, Feng was alerted by an elderly woman passenger who said her husband was not feeling well and desperately need of medical aid.

Feng immediately rushed to the man’s seat and found the elderly man was sweating and moaning in pain. He make an announcement asking whether there were medical personnel on board. Lucky enough, There were 2 doctors on board. Dr Zhang and Dr. Xiao immediately rushed over to examine the elderly man.

After examining him, They found that the his bladder was filled with about 1,000 ml of urine because he was unable to urinate on his own. If the urine was not removed soon, the man’s bladder might rupture .

With the spouse’s consent, Dr.Zhang and Dr.Xiao decided to puncture the old man’s bladder and drain the urine out with some medical supplies in the plane and some materials on hand.

Dr Xiao then prepared a simple equipment with portable oxygen mask, syringe needle, straw and tape which theoretically works like a “catheter”. However, the equipment doesn’t work as per expected due to the pressure difference.

In such an urgent situation, Dr Zhang came to an idea to suck the urine out of the man’s bladder using his own mouth, he repeatedly sucked out the urine and spited it into a cup. While some flight attendant helping him to poured the urine into a bottle so he roughly know the amount of urine discharged.

It took about 37 mins to drain out 700-800ml of urine! Shortly after that, the old man’s condition was improved and stabilised.

“I know it’s urine and it’s stink. But I had no choice. I’m a doctor. It’s my responsibility,” Dr. Zhang said in an interview later.

Salute to the heroic job you do, Doctors ! Hats off to you! 

Source : China Daily | Kwong Wah