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Dog in ” Green” Was Rescued and it’s in Safe Hand Now!

Remember the dog in “green” that netizen spotted in Subang Bestari area. It’s has been rescued and it’s in a safe hand now.

Facebook user, MunMun Furry Santuary shared a post to update everyone about Mr. Greeny whereabout and it’s health condition in their Facebook page. Many thanks to this Non-profit organisation to provide furry kids a safe space and make sure they are well taken care of.

They posted on Facebook on 16 Nov that Mr. Greeny has been rescued and it’s in a safe hand now. They also explained the situation that the dog was dyed green because someone or some company disposed the dye in the dump site where they believed the dog roll over at the dump site thus it’s dyed in green.

They also urged people not to speculate that the dog was abused. It’s been cleaned and the dye was almost washed off by shampoo. Thank god  !

The dog is in a perfectly good health condition because it’s well fed by the construction workers nearby.

Source : Facebook