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Dog Owner Charged After Starving German Shepherd Chewed Off Her Own Leg

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in New York, United States recently uncovered a shocking case of animal abuse involving a German Shepherd that was so deprived of nutrition and was suspected to have chewed off its own leg.

The dog’s owner Carl Pritchard was charged on Nov 20 with cruelty and failure to provide food and shelter after a delivery man spotted the poor dog named Zoe was severely injured.

Troop C: This is Zoe, she was found last week missing her left limb. Veterinarians in Otsego County believe she chewed…

Posted by New York State Police on Selasa, 19 November 2019

Zoe is about 9yo was living outside the house in a plastic pet carrier. She was chained up with no food and no water. Police said the delivery man reported seeing the dog on Nov14 with her leg looks like “blown off”.

Credit : SPCA

Zoe was immediately brought to the Veterinary Clinic with the help of Police and SPCA volunteers, which soon Zoe was determined that she had chewed off her front leg out of hunger and had tried to survive by eating it.

“The dog was very weak,” Dr. Joan Puritz said. “She may not have been getting enough nutrition for quite some times, I’ve never seen anything like this. It breaks your heart, she’s such a sweet dog.”

Credit : SPCA

Zoe was transferred to Cornell University veterinary school for further treatment, where they discovered that the senior dog was suffering from other health conditions like heart murmur, anaemia and a tumour.

Thank god the surgery went well with her tumour removed and her leg properly amputated.

Here’s a shot of Zoe after her surgery.

Credit : Facebook

We pray for your speedy recovery, Zoe! 

Source : NY Post | Facebook SPAC | Facebook NYS Police