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Father sold daughter to Tip His Favourite Live-Streamer

In China, live streaming industry is booming. There are an estimated more than 900 live-streaming platforms and over 10 million active hosts in the country.

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It’s a lucrative business where live-streamer getting tipping or virtual gifts from the viewers, demonstrating and selling a products/services in real-time.

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According to Sina, A man named Lu from China, sold his 5yo daughter to tip his favourite female live-streamers. This is ridiculous ! How can a father can do this to his kid? 

In Nov 2018, Lu put his daughter up for adoption with a reason not able to raise both his son and daughter after his wife had left him.

Credit : Sina

Earlier this year, he was introduced to a couple , Mr and Mrs Chen by 2 middlemen. They lost their son in 2017 and were looking to adopt due to infertility.

The couple came to a decision to adopt Lu’s daughter after ascertained that she was in good physical condition. They then paid Lu 80,000 RMB which is about Rm 47,000 and signed some documents on the spot.

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Afterwards, Lu spent most of the money he had received on tips for female live-streamers.

The couple tried to apply for an ID for their newly adopted daughter. Thus, they forged a fake birth certificate for the girl and get caught while applying her ID. After further investigations, Lu , Mr and Mrs Chen and the 2 middlemen were arrested and charged with child trafficking.


Source : Legal daily | Sina