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Grab Car Driver have 5 Screens Running While Driving, Got Time To Look At The Road?!

Harvinth Skin, a 26yo YouTuber, was in Singapore on 12 Nov and had booked a Grab car. To his surprise, his driver have 5 screens running concurrently in front of him. No joke man!

Credit : Twitter

The 5 different devices placed in front of the Grab car driver and each showed a different display.

He had the monitor on top showing the road situation around him and one on his dashboard playing an orchestra’s performance.

On top of that, there was a phone placed directly in front of him showed an online map, while another on his right was even displaying surveillance video which looked like a home setting presumably his home. Another one is the Grab’s app.

Harvinth’s tweet also come with a caption  ” Got time to look at the road ah, Uncle?”

I really salute him! Don’t play play leh.. This uncle can do MULTITASKING to the MAX! But hor uncle , please drive safely lah😰 we so scared leh!

Source : Twitter