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Hannah Quinlivan Reveals How She and Jay Chou Started Dating

Hannah Quinlivan is a big fan of Warriors basketball star, Stephen Curry! She was super excited to be guest starred on his idol’s program, Crossing NBA.

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Both shared stories of their the other half, they have something in common where the couples always play basketball together and in the programme Hannah also revealed how she and Jay Chou had started dating.

Hannah disclosed that she was only 17 yo when she first met Jay in an audition for his new music video. It was implied that if Jay wasn’t the director and took liking of her, she wouldn’t have been cast as the female lead. Stephen nodded and seems like completely understand why Jay wanted to do so.

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Netizens speculated that the music video that Hannah referred was likely in November 2011 when Jay released his album Wow! . She would have filmed the music video in July 2010, and most likely marks the time when they started dating.

Photos of the couple on a date were exposed just a few months before the album was released. To keep their relationship under the radar, Jay deleted all her scenes in his music video.

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Their relationship got exposed when both of them went on a vacation in Australia in 2011. Feeling pressured by the online criticisms that she didn’t match Jay’s superstar status and their age gap, Hannah wanted to end the relationship. She then decided to go United States to further her study. However, 2 days after Hannah left, Jay immediately booked a flight to chase her back. Hannah was touched and knew Jay is “The One”!

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Hannah then recalled that their first date was at a basketball court. Jay, a basketball lover took her there to watch him play. But ,now she has learned the basics, she often joins in and plays basketball with him.

The couple has been happily married for almost five years and their family grow with the births of their daughter, Hathaway, and son, Romeo.

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Jay has slowed down his work in recent years spending more time with Hannah and their beautiful children.

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