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Housekeeper in Shock When They Discovered Wrapped Corpse. Policemen LOL??

Police rushed to a hotel in south of Bangkok after the housekeeper found a corpse wrapped in blood-stained white bedding sheet next to the bed.

Credit : Daily News

The authorities entered the “crime scene” cautiously and the housekeeper quivered in fear outside.

Credit : inyminy

But what Policemen found had him laugh out loud rather than gathering fingerprints, forensic evidence and getting ready to inform the press of the latest murder case in town.

Credit : Daily News

Guess what?! Inside the suspicious bundle were bloodstained towels and pillows.
It soon became obvious that this was not murder.
The policemen were told that a man and a woman had checked in at 1 am and left in a hurry at 2 am.
They believe that the couple had stayed in the room ( having some fun!! what to be exact .. it’s up to your imagination ..hehe) and not wishing to be condemned by staffs for leaving the room in such a mess they had cleared up and wrapped it all in a bundle which looks like corpse.

credit : savvy tokyo

The hotel seemed to resemble what is known as a “love hotel” it’s pay-by-the-hour (or night) pleasure accommodations for couples, secret lovers, and other forms of a one-time celebration of love.
However, investigations did not continue.
Source : Daily News