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Iman, The Last Sumatran Rhino In Malaysia Has Passed Away

Photo Credit to The Star | Daily Express Sabah

Our hearts are sunk because the last ever female Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has passed away due to cancer. marks the extinction of the species in Malaysia.

Credit : The Star

“It is with great sadness that the Sabah Wildlife Department announces the death of Iman, the last Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia, at 5.35pm on Nov 23, 2019,” said State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew.

Credit : NST

The minister also added that the rhino had almost passed away on several different occasions due to sudden massive blood loss from her uterine tumours over the past five years.

“Its death was a natural one, Iman was given the best care and attention since her capture in March 2014 right up to the moment she passed,” she noted. “No one could have done more.”

Credit : The star

“The team at Tabin provided round-the-clock intensive support and successfully brought her back to good health and egg cell production on several occasions,” she said.

Iman’s death came a lot sooner than was expected, “But we knew that she was starting to suffer significant pain from the growing pressure of the tumours into the bladder,” Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga said.

Dear Iman,You are the 5th Sumatran rhino the world has lost in the past 5 years, and the very last rhino in Malaysia….

Posted by Borneo Rhino Alliance on Sabtu, 23 November 2019

Netizens are mourning the death of Iman and and sad upon the extinction of the Sumatran rhino in Malaysia.

Rest In Peace , Iman!  We are sad , but also thankful that you are no longer in pain ..😭😭😭

Source : The Star | Daily Express Sabah