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It’s Double The Fun When You Have 52 Pairs of Twins In The School!

Do you have any friends in the school who are twins and they always make you confused who are you talking to? They always make the best prank ..It’s estimated that only 3% of the population is a twin ,such small odds.

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This small town named Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu’s Nagapattinam district has an unusual number, 150 pairs of twins in the school-age group. They are studying in different school in the same town.

However, one of the school Vivekananda Matriculation High School (VMHS) has 52 pairs of twins leaving teachers extremely confused, reported by SinChew.

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Out of the 52 pairs of twins,  21 pairs with each pair one boy and one girl. 19 pairs with both girls and 12 pairs with both boys.

Twin 1:

Twin 2:

Twin 3:

Twin 4:

Twin 5:

Joshua Prabhakarasingh, Principal of VMHS says the phenomenon is no longer surprising for these institutions. “The town has had twins for decades. We do not know the reason but have become accustomed to it,” he said.

Credit : The Hindu

The twins Prithyanka and Priyanka of class 12 in VMHS frequently play small pranks to confuse their teachers, classmates and sometimes even family members.

“When we were in primary classes, teachers used to make us sit in different sections to identify us correctly. However, we fussed and threw tantrums till we were allowed to sit together. Now, we play pranks on everyone,” said Prithyanka.

Credit : India Today

To everyone’s surprise, Prithyanka and Priyanka scored identical marks, 373, in class 10. “We sat in different halls but scored the same marks. It is called a twin connection,” Prithyanka said.

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Source : Newsflare  | Sinchew | The Hindu