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Jacqueline Wong First Instagram Post After 7 Months ” I’m Scared”

In a blink of eye, It’s been 7 months since the Andy Hui And Jacqueline Wong cheating scandal. Andy Hui has more or less carried on his life, showed up in Sammi Cheng’s concerts , hit the gym together and going on a vacation with her. They’ve been spotted together like a love birds.

Credit : HK Apple Daily

On the other hand, Jacqueline Wong was completely disappeared from public eye after the backlash. She is rumoured living in Canada, where she allegedly goes by another name and work as a real estate agent. While some said she is pregnant with Andy Hui’s kid and she is going to tie the knot soon. No one know what is really going on with her because she is completely silent.

Credit : Instagram

What surprise all of her followers?! She updated her Instagram for the first time ever after her apology note on April.

It’s a picture of a stack of scripts from her TVB drama Finding Her Voice, which is airing on TVB now.

Jacqueline posted: “Finding Her Voice has gone from being shelved, to being rumoured that it would be reshot. After that, it was decided that it would not be reshot, and it eventually became the TVB’s anniversary drama.

Credit: Fairchildtv

I really have mixed feelings about it. Apart from being happy that it would be shown in its original form, the strongest feeling is “I’m scared”. I’m scared that because of me the success of Finding Her Voice would be affected. I’m scared that everyone’s efforts would be wasted.

Now, there are only five episodes left. I am truly thankful to everyone who has made it possible for Finding Her Voice to be shown, and I want to thank all of you who watched it. And I want to thank my co-stars in the drama and my colleagues for their understanding. I wish everyone well.”

For me it looks like a plan, is Jacqueline Wong trying to make a come back ? What do you think, people ?  

Source : Instagram