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Job Seeker Was Told Boss Is” Open Minded” And Might “Touch Here And There”

A Facebook user posted a screenshot of an email from Hiring department that her friend received after she applied a job as a personal secretary in Kuala Lumpur.

In the email, the sender who is the company’s Hiring Department informs that their director “is a open minded person” and may “casually touch (her) here and there.”

“Are you okay to be his secretary?” the sender wrote.

The sender added if only she is ok with it then they will proceed further.

The job paid pretty well with a basic salary of RM 5000 – Rm7000 , RM 500 for accommodation allowances and with car provided.

I couldn’t believe when i’m reading the email from the HR department. Is this for real?! This is a blatant sexual harassment. Grrrhhh..

The unprofessional behaviour immediately caught netizens’ attention and the post went viral.

▼Of course , most of them weren’t happy and disgusted.

The facebook user later forwarded a follow-up email from the company after receiving a few calls from the hiring department.

“Dear candidate, this is to inform you that this the requirement by our boss so that you don’t feel uncomfortable later in work.If you feel otherwise because you are old it’s your view.”

▼Some netizens pointed out that the email seemed unprofessional with some typing error and grammar mistakes . But others found job advertisements matching the email’s criteria on some websites for job seekers and LinkedIn, It’s listed the same company.

The person who shared the screenshot of the email tagged Kula Segaran (Human Resources Minister) and Hannah Yeoh (Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community Development) in the post hoping that they can look into this matter and take action against companies that sexually or mentally exploit their staff.

Credit: THE STAR

Hey Boss ! We need a job but NO touch here and there.. Ok!

Source : Facebook