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Korean Man Lending RM1000 to Dubai Tourist and Get RM2.8 Mil in Return

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I know this sounds too good to be true .. But, seriously it happened in real life. But i doubt it will happen in Malaysia lah..

A Korean man shared his unbelievable experience in social media and the post went viral right after. This Korean man was on his local trip, while he was walking down the street wandering around some tourists spot, a foreigner approached him.

Credit : The national

This foreigner told him he was a tourist from Dubai and he lost his wallet and mobile phone.  He wanted to know if he could borrow 300,000 won (around RM 1063) from the Korean man for the time being.

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I’m sure most of the Malaysian will walk off.. it’s not because we are not kind but they are plenty of scammers out there waiting for a chance.

But this Korean man decided to lend him the money. They even exchange contact details as the Dubai tourist promised to pay him back and then they parted. You would probably think  .. Oppss .. Money go down to the drain already😭😭😭

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You are wrong, peeps! the Korean man received message from the Dubai man asking for his account number a week later. Of course, he provided him with his account number, and guess what?!

Credit : Sin chew
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Yes! The Dubai man banked-in 800 million won (approx RM2.8 million) into his account as a token of appreciation! 

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Netizens was amazed with his experience and some was asking where to bump into another Dubai man who is so generous. Other was saying good deeds really do return twofold. But also, some netizens said It’s rarely happened and beware of scammer.

For me, it’s harder than striking a jackport ?! Malaysian … What do you think?

Source : Sin Chew | China Press