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Mandy Lieu Ended 5 yrs Relationship With Alvin Chau , Received RM 160 Mil Breakup Fee

It’s been quite some years that Malaysian-american model, Mandy Lieu being the third party between Macau Billionaire ,Alvin Chau and his wife, Heidi Chan’s marriage.

Source : IHKTV

The dating rumours started in 2014 where Mandy spotted attending events with Alvin. Both of them were pretty high profile and don’t even mind holding hands in front of public. At December 2014, Mandy was reported pregnant with their first child. On May the following year, she gave birth to their 1st daughter in London.She then bore a son and a daughter for Alvin on 2016 and 2017.

Credit : IHKTV

On 2015, Heidi also pregnant and gave birth to their second daughter. But what Alvin and Mandy did broke her heart. She wanted to divorce with him. But he refused to do so. Most likely because Alvin’s family supported her.

Credit : IHKTV

Thus, the three of them have been stuck in love triangle for the past 5 years. It is said that Mandy has always been hopeful of Alvin leaving his wife since Mandy gave him three kids.

Credit : Instagram

Alvin had promised to give her an official title, which she often pressured him from time to time. Rumours said she finally gave up and ended their relationship and Alvin gave Mandy 300 million HKD (RM 160 mil )as a breakup fee and as living expenses for the three kids.

In addition to that, He also previously gifted her a mansion in London and transferred 5 of his companies in London to her.

Source : HK Apple daily | IHKTV