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McDonald’s Happy Meal Launched 40th Anniversary Classic Toy ! Collect them Now!

Have you ever pay for the Happy Meal just because you wanted the toys? and sometimes you can’t even get the toys because it’s sold out😭 …

No worry, McDonald’s is now celebrating their 40th anniversary of the Happy Meal and they will bring back some of the most POPULAR Happy Meal iconic toys from the past 40 years ! Oh My!

Starting from 28th Nov,  McDonald’s will include one of the 17 iconic toys into each Surprise Happy Meal, Let’s check out the toys~

1. Hamburger Changeable (1987)

2. Cowboy McNugget (1988)

3. Mail Carrier McNugget (1988)

4. Fireman McNugget (1988)

5. Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable (1990)

6. Grimace (1990)

7. McDonald’s Hot Wheel Thunderbird (1993)

8. Hamburglar (1995)

9. Space Jam Bugs Bunny (1996)

10. Patti the Platypus (1996)

11. My Little Pony (1998)

12. Furby (1999)

13. Tamagotchi (1998)

14. Hello Kitty (2013)

We are so sad because toy like Power Ranger (1995),101 Dalmatians (1997) and Mickey’s Sorcerer Apprentice (2002) are not available here in Malaysia..

15. Power Ranger (1995)


16. 101 Dalmatians (1997)

17. Mickey’s Sorcerer Apprentice (2002)


Wow~ Reminiscing those good memories right?! when our parents only allowed outing and a happy meal with toys if we score good in exam..I’m excited to see the returning of those iconic toys.. Seem like i will be visiting McDonald’s starting  Nov 28..hehe
Source: Bernama