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McDonald’s Hello Kitty Carrier Resell Price in Mudah is up to RM500 ! Kidding Me?!

The most wanted Hello Kitty carrier is finally in Malaysia today !

Cover Photo: Hello Kitty Limited Edition Meal Carrier is Here in Malaysia ! 【Click Here

As expected, people were queuing earlier in the morning way before the launch at 10am, look at the queue !

Hello Kitty craze never seems to end, fans could spend hours just to get any Hello Kitty merchandise~

What surprise us is, the Hello Kitty Carrier promptly made its way to mudah, shopee and other online selling platforms !!

▼ McDonald’s Hello Kitty Carrier original price is RM29.99 only

But, the resell price is RM500 in Mudah, approximate 16 times higher than original price !! Oh gosh..i should have buy more carriers this morning..

▼ netizen found the same carrier sold at RM200 !

▼ Same goes to this !

▼ If you put a little more effort to search, you would probably get those in cheaper price!

▼ Here is our search results, most of the seller double the price!

I just couldn’t believe my eye!! Would you spend RM500 for a Hello Kitty Carrier? although you might probably like it so much. But with that price, i doubt ! Shouldn’t to that extend i think ..

So, the best is just queue….queue…queue…queue…queue….queue…queue.. is it my turn?? no .. ok …queue…queue….queue….queue…