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Mercedes Driver Refused To Give Way To Ambulance And Showed Middle Finger

It’s a common sense to give way to ambulance considering the fact that the patient in the ambulance need immediate medical attention.

Credit : Facebook

Facebook user, Dung Kasemphong shared a post about a selfish Mercedes driver not only refused to give way to an ambulance but also showed his middle finger after the ambulance overtook him.

It was shown in the video that the ambulance tailed the luxury car and was honking at it to signal the driver to give way.

“This incident happened today, my brothers and sisters. Luxury car but no kindness. Didn’t even try to give way and raised a middle finger.” Dung posted.

Credit: ncsc

Every minute counts in a life-threatening emergency, so it is vital for paramedics manoeuvre quickly through traffic and get to the patient.

If you hear sirens or notice the ambulance flashing lights while driving, please give way when the ambulance is approaching.

Lastly, always indicate your signal when you are switching lanes – through the simple gesture of giving way to the ambulance, you could be saving a life!

Source: Facebook