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Online Shopping Addiction is a Mental Health Condition!

The internet has made shopping more available, accessible and affordable.

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Those virtual online shop basically works 24 hours a day, you can buy things without a shopkeeper or carrying them throughout, you can buy almost everything online, and sites like Taobao, Lazada & Shopee kind of platforms undercut high street prices by huge amounts.

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Buying-shopping disorder’ (BSD) has been recognised for decades but experts say it is taking on a new meaning in this internet era and now affects 1 in 20 people. which may indirectly mean chances of younger people showing the signs are higher. 

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‘It really is time to recognize BSD as separate mental health condition and to accumulate further knowledge about BSD on the Internet,‘ said Dr Astrid Müller.

BSD often happens alongside other mood, anxiety or eating disorders, or substance abuse.

It often appears in the late teens or early twenties, and usually gets worse over time.

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Symptoms may include:

  • Accumulating debt
  • Hiding purchases from loved ones
  • Tensions or breakdowns in relationships between friends and family
  • Compensating for negative feelings by buying things
  • Trying to stop shopping but unable to

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Number of population affected by BSD is increasing in an alarming rate which will lead to serious mental effects.Thus, it deserves more serious attention and we are hoping soon there will be some treatment concept that we can used to address this issue.

Source : Daily Mail