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Our Childhood Junkfood Super Ring Is Now Popular in Korea!

Thanks to the popular K-pop girl group BlackPink, Jisoo and Jennie for making our favourite childhood junkfood Super Ring a big hit.

Credit : Twitter

They were firstly introduced to the snack when they were in Singapore. A fan gave Jennie a bag of Super Ring, and because the taste was heavenly good, they had been craving of it since then.

When they landed in Malaysia for a concert, they were searching for the snack and the moment they found Super Ring in 7-11, the two were super excited and squealed to joy like dolphins 🙂

Now you can get Super Ring in Korea too. According picture posted by @BLINK_JCLC ,It’s selling at 1200 won which is RM4.30. Huh! so pricey ..

Credit : Twitter

Twitter user @moonstarbyulie also retweet the post “Wahh.. Malaysian favourite snack is finally sold in Korea but it’s so expensive. The impact of Jisoo and Jennie.”

▼As a Malaysian, We are so proud of it and happy to know that our favourite superstars love our local snack too!!

Proud of you, Super Ring!

Source: Twitter