Poor Baby Koala Was Lost, Mistook Pet Dog For Its Mother

Photo Credit to 7 News Aus

Bushfires are estimated to have destroyed around 80 % of koalas’ natural habitats in Australia.

Credit : SFGate

A rough estimation of more than 1,000 koalas have been killed as a result of the recent bushfires in Australia, SF Gates reports. These bushfires have had a huge impact on their population and this species is now considered to be “functionally extinct”.

Credit : SFGate

Functional extinction happens when the population of a species declines to a certain point that they can no longer play a significant role in the larger ecosystem.

We really hope the authorities will came up with certain measures to protect these poor koalas that losing their home due to bushfire.

A video about a lost baby koala clinging to a pet dog, mistaking it for it’s mother went viral.

The dog was out in his yard in Adelaide, South Australia, with his owner when a baby koala clung onto his back.

The dog wriggled around to nudge the baby koala, which was clinging to its fur, off his body. Every time he thought he had succeeded, the smart baby koala would found way to clamber back on.

Credit : Dogonews

The dog did eventually get the koala back on to the ground, and the baby koala scampered back up into the trees to look for its real mother.

Poor baby Koala , i hope you are back to your mother’s arm safely.

Source : SFGate | 7 News Aus