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Russian Beauty Queen Reveals The Face Of Her Baby And Said ‘He Looks Every Bit Like His Dad’

The Russian beauty queen, Oksana Voevodina showing off her boy Ismail Leon , 5mo to the world for the first time. Our former King , split with her when she was 4 months pregnant after their wedding and he also publicly questioned the child’s paternity and divorced her this year and the pair are now embroiled in a bitter financial settlement row.

‘He looks every bit like his father and he has this Asian-looking face,’ she said in an exclusive interview with MailOnline.

Oksana claims the baby was conceived on the couple’s honeymoon in Australia after their wedding in June 2018. After knowing she was pregnant, He was so happy that he was crying and then called all of his friends to share with them that he is going to be a dad soon.

She uses the interview to accuse our former King of disappearing and reveals there is a secret reason for their breakup which she is not ready to speak out yet! ( Ops.. next episode might be coming soon!)

Oksana was preparing to ask a Russian judge to formally rule that our former king is the father of her child.She is ready for the DNA test to prove the paternity.

What do you think? looks alike??

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Source & Photo Credit : Daily Mail