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Sexual Harassment & Genitalia Pics S’pore women Received From Hitch Drivers

A university student in her 20s, Ong ShuLing had some bad experiences hitching a ride with strangers. Thus, she set up “SG Hitch Females Drivers Riders” in Telegram, solely for female drivers and riders to avoid unnecessary harassment.

It supposed to be a safe space for female. However, they were some male users who joined the group and harassed women on the platform.

ShuLing set up the “SG Hitch Blacklist Telegram group” for users of the all-girls group to allow female riders to report unsafe activities and harassment they may experience taking rides from drivers there.

Credit : refinery29

▼ This group currently has about 440 members, features way too many examples of unwanted advances and sexual harassment from male users:

▼Some even message early in the morning

▼Making friends? Sorry ?!

▼Jaw dropping?! Some are even worse..

▼a user also reported a nasty case where a male user threatened to release her photos into various sex-related Telegram groups if she did not reciprocate his sexual advances. I hope she did report this case to the police.

The above users are banned by the group. However they can still join other hitch group in Telegram. I hope in near future we can get a way to vet through the users before they join the group

Source & Photo credit :  China Press