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SG Driver Spooked Out! “Ghost” in Red Traditional Clothing Spotted at Roadside Midnight

We always thought 7th lunar month is the scariest month which people believed gates of hell open and spirits of dead can freely roam in the world of the living. Opss .. maybe gates of hell open on Halloween too?!

Credit: Bescene

This spooky incident happened 4 days before Halloween. A driver in Singapore shared his dashcam video on Facebook group named ProDriver Community .Gosh .. What a spine-chilling scene!!

In the middle of the night with no one else around. A lady dressed in a red ancient chinese traditional Hanfu emerged at the roadside. The lady stood motionless with a traditional red paper umbrella in hand. Creepy!!!

▼Several netizens were spooked out and asked the driver not to drive on Halloween.

▼one of them even asked the driver how he was able to drive so slow, saying that she would have put the pedal to the metal just drive off and don’t look back!

▼However, some netizens rationally pointed out there was no way the woman could have been a ghost as she had a shadow and that it was more likely she was wearing a Halloween costume.

I’m hoping the fact is ,the so called “Ghost” went to a Halloween party . The party ended pretty late and she was waiting Grab Car at the roadside. I just hope the Grab Driver don’t get a heart-attack!!


Source : Facebook