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Singapore Family Moved to Johor, Build Their Dream Home With 11 Bedrooms, Pool And Football Field

Photos Credit to Youtube CNA 

This Singapore family decided to moved to Johor for good. They bought 43,000 sqft plot of land and spend 10 years to build their dream home.

The homeowner, Chris told CNA Luxury, when they live in Singapore their garden is a “size of a carpet”. While looking at the kids growing up fast, he and his wife thought they need a bigger space where the kids can grow up well, where they had places to run in a very safe and secure home.

Seetoh Kum and Alan Tay, architects from Formwerkz Architects ( an award-winning architectural firm from Singapore) who were also their friends, were tasked to design a single-storey home that was private and conducive for family life.

They spend about 10 years to transform four adjoining bungalow houses into a single sprawling family home.

There is 9 large courtyards separate different parts of the home.”At different times of the day, the sunlight casts a different light, and brings a different ambience and a different mood to the house,” said Chris.

A high wall around the compound encloses the surrounds. When they have visitors, the ceiling always become the talking point .The strikingly geometric, dramatic pyramidal timber-clad ceilings were assembled piece by piece by a craftsman who took 14 months to complete.

The house also contains several surprises, such as a ladder leading up to an attic playroom, an entertainment room, a roof terrace, a pool, and lots of striking vistas at every turn.

“My favourite part of the house is at the end of the pool, looking into the house, you really start to appreciate the house coming together. The glass enables you to look into the house. It gives you a sneak preview of what’s going on in the living space,” said Chris.

Kudos to the homeowner and the architect firm! This is definitely a remarkable piece ..I believed it’s not easy to get things come together but it’s definitely worth the 10 years wait!

Source : CNA Luxury | Youtube CNA