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Staff Passed Away And Boss Immediately Ask For Replacement.

Twitter user Amy recently tweeted a shocking incident on how a chairman of a company immediately demanded a passed away staff to be replaced.

Amy tweeted “My brother told me before ‘ Even if you work yourself to death, no one will gives it a shit. When you die they will just find someone else to replace you.’

This is the response from someone we call “boss” after he found out that his staff just passed away.

Hey brother, you are right!”

Credit: Dailymail

The message from boss in his tweet give me the chills.

“Sorry to hear that. Please set an interview ASAP for a replacement. I don’t want any excuse for any pending documents. Thank you.”

What a cold message! We are not here to judge but sending this kind of message at this timing for me really sounds inappropriate. Of course, I agreed to keep a business running replacement ASAP is a must. Hey Boss, Don’t be too honest lah..

The tweet resonated with lots of blue and white collar like us and  netizens is sharing their own thoughts on this…

▼Some of them thought the boss should send a private message to relevant personnel about the replacement and interview instead and not to everyone.

▼some users thought boss only concerned about work progression and never thought of the staff, heartless in short.

▼However, many also understood the boss’ decision. Some shared their thoughts, justifying the decision.

Let’s accept the fact that no one is irreplaceable. Work is important but other than that you still have a life . Let’s try our best to practise a work-life balance!
Source : Twitter