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Starbucks 4th In The World Sign-Language Store is Now Open In Penang!

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Starbucks is launching the Malaysia’s second Signing Store at Jalan Burma, Penang on 19 Nov.

Credit : Business Insider

This will be the coffee giant’s fourth signing store globally and its second in Malaysia. The first store was launched in KL in 2016, followed by one in Washington D.C. in 2017, and another in Guangzhou, China in May this year.

Credit : Business Insider

It is dedicated to offer employment and development opportunities to members of the deaf community.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson broke the news about their major milestone on Twitter.

We are very proud because the 1st ever sign-language store was opened in Malaysia 3 years back in Bangsar Village II, KL.

It was a huge success thus American Starbucks employees were sent to Malaysia for training in order to learn how to open one back in the U.S.

Here is how you spell Starbucks in sign-language.✌

Credit : Starbucks

Something similar to KL outlet, Penang outlet also features visual alarms , Point-of-sales with customer display and digital trays.

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Customers who don’t know sign language can place their orders in writing. The number assigned will appear on the screen in the counter when the order is ready.

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Starbucks is working with the Penang Deaf Association to provide professional training and development to the store’s staff. There is also chances for career progression where the store’s staff can undergo Coffee masters programme to deepen their knowledge about coffee and barista craft.

Credit : Business Insider

The reason that we chose Penang is because of its rich culture and historical relationship with the deaf community in Malaysia, spanning more than 50 years,”Sydney Quays, managing director of Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei said.

Kudos to Starbucks ..It’s inspiring to know Starbucks support and empower the community it serves and with a vision to create a truly inclusive society that leaving no one behind. 

If you are happen to be in Penang , drop by and get yourself a coffee☕!

Source : NST | Business Insider